Robert Gieseler, Ph.D.


After majoring in biology with basic studies in medicine, Robert Gieseler received his Ph.D. in immunology in 1991 from Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany.

He is currently a managing partner and CSO of the venture capital-financed Rodos BioTarget GmbH, in Hannover, Germany. His responsibilities include planning and executing the company’s R&D activities and he provides overarching leadership and direction to its service providers and academic collaborators, specializing in the area of targeted drug delivery.

When at Georg August University, he participated in elucidating the ontogeny of myeloid dendritic cells, and co-developed the gold standard in-vitro differentiation protocol for these antigen-presenting cells.

From 1989 to 1990, he worked in a joint HIV/AIDS research program at St. Vincent Medical Center and the University of Southern California Medical School in Los Angeles, USA, led by Dr. Michael J. Scolaro. Subsequently, he did commissioned work for the Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research in Quebec, Canada, following which he directed and co-directed various preclinical research programs on solid organ transplantation, oncology, and autoimmunity at Georg August University, Göttingen, and at the University of Essen Medical School in Essen, Germany.

From 2000 to 2005, Dr. Gieseler worked as Chief Scientist at the public non-profit LTBH Medical Research Institute in Beverly Hills, and – together with Dr. Scolaro – invented several targeted drug nanocarriers (a.k.a. TargoSphere®). With a team of scientists, their work provided the foundation for the proprietary technology that has been developed at Rodos BioTarget. He also held a position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida, USA.

Additionally, he managed the Northern Europe R&D division of Laboratorios LETI, S.L., Spain – a company active in the area of allergology. Since 2007, he has been Research Coordinator on hepatitis C and other liver diseases at the University of Essen Medical School. He joined the management of Rodos BioTarget in January of 2008 after helping establish this company as a principal co-founder.

A native German, Robert speaks English, French and (basics) Spanish.