Rodos Biotarget Receives Government Funding for Developing Antibiotic-loaded Nanocarriers

Three-year funding of EUR 2.8 million for top-tier research consortium by Germany’s BMBF. Towards advancing targeted drug application to manage treatment-resistant pathogens 

Hannover, Germany, 16 October 2017. In recent years, antibiotic resistances of bacterial pathogens have reached a threatening dimension on the global scale. Against this background, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) initiated the program “Promoting Diagnostics and Novel Therapies for the Treatment of Bacterial Infections”. Embedded in the Federal Government’s High-Tech Strategy and its Framework Program Health Research, this program intends to enable translating new therapeutic developments into innovative products, and to pave their way towards clinical application. In the framework of a consortium of high-profile German research facilities, Rodos Biotarget GmbH will advance targeted nanomedical therapeutic approaches on the example of lung tuberculosis. To be developed as an inhalation therapy, this treatment is supposed to directly target the infected pulmonary cells and to address the TB pathogens. In the medium term, the underlying principle for employing such nanocarriers to treat pulmonary cellular infections or to reach lung cells impaired otherwise could also be developed and offered for treating various other diseases.

About Rodos Biotarget GmbH

Rodos Biotarget GmbH (a limited liability company according to German law) has developed a platform technology called TargoSphere® for nanocarrier-enabled targeted and efficient drug delivery. This technology is suitable for prophylactic and therapeutic applications in various disease areas of high medical need. These include cancers, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, and neurological disorders. For commercializing its patented technology platform, the company primarily relies on collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the company promotes in-house therapy developments including TargoBioticsTM for the treatment of intracellular bacterial infections, TargoVirTM for the treatment of chronic viral diseases, and further nanomedicines for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and liver diseases such as acute liver failure, liver fibrosis, urea cycle deficiencies and liver cancer.

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