Rodos Biotarget will host ‘Future Medicine Symposium’

Augustus BioTarget is using a specialized Rodos nanocarrier to target the immune system in the development of a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Hannover, Germany, 28 October 2016. A biopharmaceutical company, Rodos Biotarget joins the ranks of industry leadership in targeted drug delivery. Based on its proprietary TargoSphere® technology, the enterprise provides tailor-made nanocarriers to enable improved therapeutic and prophylactic approaches for diseases of high medical need.

Rodos’ symposium will take place at the ‘Forum Niedersachsen” in Hannover, Germany. The company’s management has invited top-notch speakers who will present novel therapeutic modalities on established drugs, proteins and peptides, and gene therapeutics. According to the event’s title, ‘With TargoSpheres® Towards New Therapies’, these life science experts will pay particular attention to how these drug classes – and certainly the patients – will benefit from TargoSphere®-enabled applications against infectious diseases, liver disorders, cancers, and other indications.

The event is primarily aimed at a broad range of interested people and supporters in order to develop and provide Rodos Biotarget’s promising new treatment options as quickly as possible.

Download the full information: 2016-10-31-pm_rodos_future-medicine-symposium-2016_en

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