William A. Day. Ph.D



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University of London King’s College



University of London Birkbeck College



Electrical Registration Board (New Zealand)



Electronics Technician
University of Otago



Anatomy/ Cell Biology
University of Arizona (postdoctoral Fellowship)


Confocal microscopy

2008-present Assistant Staff Scientist, Arizona Research Laboratories, University of Arizona
1996-1998 Deputy Chair, Science Advisory Committee Christchurch Technical Institute
1993-1998 Civil Defence Planning Officer, Christchurch School of Medicine
1989-1998 Organizer, Canterbury Medical Research Association Medical Expos
1973-2007 Member, The Royal Society of New Zealand
1989-present Member, The International Brain Research Organization
1999-present Member, The Society for Neuroscience

Selected peer-reviewed publications (in ascending chronological order).

 (Publications selected from 41 peer-reviewed publications)

  1. Day WA & Gilbert DS. X-ray diffraction pattern of axoplasm. BBA 1972 285: 503-506.
  2. Day WA. Solubilisation of neurofilaments from central nervous system myelinated nerve. J Ultrastructure Research 1977: 60 362-367.
  3. Blest AD & Day WA. Rhabdomere organisation during light and dark adaptation in some nocturnal pisaurid spiders. Phil Trans Royal Soc Lond (Biol Sci): 1978: 238 1-23
  4. Dunn PJ, Donald RA, Day WA, Stewart JM & Stewart AW. The association between diabetic retinopathy and skeletal muscle basal lamina thickening corrected for the influence of age and duration of diabetes. Diabetes 1979: 28 858-864
  5. Day CNS neurofilament proteolysis and the 58,000 dalton fragment. J Ultrastructure Research 1980: 70 1-7
  6. McGiven AR, Hunt JS, Day WA & Jackson Phagocytic cells in glomerular cultures from NZB/W mice. Brit J Exptl Path 1981: 62 59.
  7. Arnott S, Chandrasekarn R, Day WA, Piugjaner LC & Watts L Double helical structures for polyxanthylic acid. J Mol Biol: 1981 149:
  8. Ross AD & Day WA. An ultrastructural study of adenocarcinoma of the small intestine in sheep. Vet Pathology 1985: 22 552-560
  9. Fraser R, Day WA & Fernando NS. Review: The liver sinusoidal cells: their role in disorders of the liver, lipoprotein metabolism and artherogenesis. Pathology 1986: 18 5-11
  10. Peach RJ, Day WA, Ellingsen PJ & McGiven AR. Ultrtastructural localisation of Tamm-Horsfall protein in human kidney using immunogold electron Histochemical Journal 1988: 20 156-164.
  11. McCormick SPA, Day WA & George PM. Charaterization of lipoproteins containing a truncated from of apolipoprotein B, apolipoprotein B32. BBA 1995: 1258 49-56.
  12. Day WA, McLennan IS & Koishi Transforming growth factor beta 1 may regulate the stability of mature myelin sheaths. Experimental Neurol 2003: 184 857-864.
  13. Day WA, Koishi K, Nukuda H & McLennan IS. Transforming growth factor beta 2 causes an acute improvement in the motor performance of transgenic ALS Neurobiology of disease 2005: 19 323-330.
  14. Jun Isoe, Jennifer Collins, Hemant Badgandi, W. Antony Day, and Roger L. Miesfeld (2011). Defects in coatomer protein 1 (COP1) transport cause blood feeding-induced mortality in Yellow Fever mosquitoes. PNAS 108 24 E211-E217 258 49-56.

+ 4 book chapters, 20 peer-reviewed presentations at International Conferences